The Mind’s All A-Jumbled

Social media was such a simple concept way back when I sold real estate for a living full time. There only were a few dozen of us real estate blogging nerds and all we needed to know was how to write and how to add Technorati tags.

Now I’m trying to find the time to balance this website along with the virtually mandatory Facebook page and Instagram account, keeping content moving along on all of them. And, at the same time, trying to write additional novels.

It’s enough to leave one mind bottled, as Chaz Michael would put it.

Today’s dilemma – continue writing the paranormal thriller I’ve begun or heed my readers’ call for a sequel to Where the Campaign Ends. Further the stories of characters that already have captured people’s hearts or develop new characters.

I’ve got some rough ideas of where a sequel could go, but nothing beyond the “scribbling notes on a yellow pad” phase.

All of this makes me wonders how those authors who churn out a new novel every two months pull it off with such ease.

Back to Scrivener for some more writing …

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