Politics almost killed Ryan Williams. Love saved him.

What Readers Are Saying …

Ryan Williams wasn’t supposed to spend election night in the ER.

He was supposed to be two blocks away, sipping champagne at the conclusion of yet another successful campaign. But his heart–and the voters of Alabama–had a different idea.

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Ryan had carefully plotted his career as a political consultant, working his way up from municipal campaigns to the state legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives. All he needed was one victory, in a U.S. Senate campaign, to reach his ultimate goal of successfully piloting a presidential campaign and earning a place in the Washington Beltway. But on a stormy night in Birmingham, Alabama, all of Ryan’s plans came undone.

Suddenly adrift and faced with the ramifications of a humiliating campaign loss and plagued by sudden health issues, Williams finds himself in career exile, living on the beach in Del Mar, California, and isolated from the political world in which he’d spent his entire adult life. His future, once certain, suddenly is in doubt and the more he fights to get back on top, the more he seems to slip from view.

Then he sees the silhouette of Maggie Roberson practicing yoga in the surf framed by the setting sun. What started with physical attraction quickly grows into something Ryan never sought nor anticipated.

Can he put his dormant career ambition behind him and choose a new path? Can she become what he needs to mend his ailing heart and help him find peace?

“Where the Campaign Ends” is the story of one career-driven man’s struggle between ego and love.

“Where the Campaign Ends,” J.P. Dalton’s debut novel, is a non-traditional, contemporary take  on traditional romance. It is available in both paperback and Kindle format on Amazon and Nook/ePub format on Barnes and Noble.