Politics almost killed Ryan Williams. Love saved him.

What Readers Are Saying …

They weren’t looking for love. It found them.

Ryan is a hard-driving political consultant, his entire life centered on winning the next campaign and moving higher in the political arena. Then, on a rainy night in Birmingham, everything he had worked for comes apart.

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Reluctantly forced to reassess everything he had thought important, he hides away in Del Mar, California. There he sees Maggie, a yoga studio owner with her own tragic past, practicing her craft in the surf at sunset.

Now that fate has brought them together, can Ryan set aside the everlasting political campaign that has been his life and seek something more fulfilling? Can Maggie set aside her own past heartbreak and allow herself to fully love again?

“Where the Campaign Ends,” J.P. Dalton’s debut novel, is a non-traditional, contemporary take  on traditional romance. It is available in both paperback and Kindle format on Amazon and in Paperback on Barnes and Noble.